GC??Dance??was??founded??by??Georgia??Canning??who??has??been??awarded??multiple??scholarships from??the??Royal??Academy??of??Dance,??trained??at??The??Australian??Ballet??School??and??Queensland Ballet??Academy??and??completed??a??Bachelor??of??Communications??at??The??University??of Queensland.

Most??famously??Georgia??delivered??a??TEDx??Talk??in??2017??about??her??belief??in??the??power??of??ballet which launched??the??Balanced??Ballerinas??podcast.

GC Dance???s number one priority is to deliver safe, nurturing classes in beautiful facilities for students to explore their love of dance.

Our teachers are highly qualified and are continuously learning and updating their skillset through professional development.????

Since the beginning, GC Dance has always been about striking the perfect balance between fun and focus for students and families passionate about dance, lifestyle and community.

GC Dance has two locations; one larger studio at Arundel (near Harbour Town) and a smaller studio on campus at St Hilda???s School in Southport.??

We have many classes and programs on offer at GC Dance, including nationally recognised Cert II & III Dance qualifications and Australian Conservatoire of Ballet examinations. Styles on offer include; ballet, jazz, contemporary, body conditioning, musical theatre and acrobatics.

For dedicated students who participate in multiple styles of dance at the studio, we also offer the chance to be part of the GC Dance Performance Team.

Throughout the year we also offer specialised workshop opportunities with industry experts and leaders. For example, every year we partner with Queensland Ballet to bring our students the wonderful Adopt-A-Dancer experience.

It would be our absolute pleasure to welcome your child into our GC Dance community! In the meantime, feel free to visit our Facebook or Instagram to see what we’re all about.